Vintage Paint

Grand Illusions Vintage Paint

For Furniture, Walls and paint effects.

Here are some examples of completed projects using this fantastic paint. For further details, please come in and speak to either Sharon or Marie Louise

An old desk painted in grand illusion vintage paint. The colour is called Gotland it was then waxed and finished up with some finger gold to match the leather inlay. Already sold...

This was a blue Victorian chair but the material was so badly marked. After a little care and patience has been painted in linen vintage paint. A technique using a ratio of half water and half paint. This has been painted 4 times over with 24 hours to dry after each application. It was then softly waxed down and rubbed over with an old wool jumper.

1 litre tin      £18.95 
125 ml tin    £6.50 
Wax              £8.95 
Shellac         £9.50 
Varnish        £12.95