Would just like to inform all our loyal customers that we have now moved due to the redevelopement of the shopping centre.  Our new premises is now next to Lidl under a slightly new name of Rocking Horse Emporium.  Look forward to seeing you soon.


Hope you all had a lovely weekend?  Just a quick reminder to tell you father's day is coming up.  Lots of interesting gifts for that special day. 


Morning after a hectic weekend at Knepp Castle it's business as usual.  Lots more new stock has arrived.  I am very please with my new window display using some garden and french stock.  I have delivered the very, very heavy garden concrete benches.  They were lovely and have been asked to look out for more.  If there is anything else that you are looking for please let us know.  



It"s Friday morning and a lot happening this coming weekend.  I"m off to stand at a 2 day fair in Shipley on the A272.  It"s called the Floral Fringe Fair.  Please google or face book it for further details. There is a one day fair on Saturday n Lindfield where several of our stall holders will be participating in having a stall and selling their wares.  Lastly there is a French market being held this Saturday in Burgess Hill. So lots going on hope some of you can make it. 


Good morning! Some great finds in France. My favourite items is my big old wheel and my beautiful old copper and brass rather large cooking container, but would make a lovely water feature or planter.  I have had some fun and games cleaning it though.  This find was from a house in Couptran from a lovely old couple who have been living there for the last 55 years. They were so delighted to see us that we were giving a private tour around their home. .It was there were I acquired a very heavy fire surround which took 3 people to carry.  I know I"m well known for buying heavy stuff, but this takes the leader board. However, back in England now and have started the cleaning process.  I have heard people talk about HP and tomato sauce to clean copper and brass.  So I thought I would give it a go.  It did take off a lot of the dirt and grime and  I could see the metal starting to shine through but this was very messy. . My next trick was lemon and salt which also took off more dirt.  I am yet to try vinegar but, I have been told this works a treat. More cleaning tommorw.   Bye for now.


Off to France tomorrow to buy a few bits.  Will let you know of my finds on my rreturn.  Mean while come down to the shop and see what Is new.  Avoir.!!


Another lovely morning.  Just to let you all know lots more stock arriving.  See some of our lovely new lights in the shop window along with some very heavy but very attractive concrette stone garden benches.  Marie Louise has painted a lovely dresser in the window using our vintage paint.  We are always happy to advise on colours and application. See you soon!


Good morning on this lovely Wednesday May 17th morning. Just want to let you know that Marie Louise will be painting outside using our vintage paint range.  Please go along and speak to her as she will be happy to answeri any questions and give you advice.



Christine, Marie Louise and I (Sharon) are the co owners to the Rocking Horse Antiques  & Home at the Marlets shopping centre in Burgess Hill. We have been here for nearly two and half years where we have had time to build up a steady loyal customer base and have seen the foot fall increase.  Christine was the owner of the previous shop in Hassoks and she  brings with her a wealth of knowledge.   Marie Louise and I have worked in some great shops and we have stood at some high end antique and vintage fairs where we have gained experience  in style and creativity. 

We have the support of our great stall holders, who work  hard to maintain their own blend of individuality and style which all adds to the mix of making this a lovely, interesting shopping experience.  We truly have something for everybody at all different prices. 

 Please tell your friends and come and take a trip down memory lane.

See you soon.